Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: What Men Want & Why They CheatCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: What Men Want & Why They Cheat

On this week’s episode of Single in Stilettos, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima turns the conversation over to relationship expert and author of “The Problem With Women…is Men,” Charles J. Orlando to talk expert dating advice about none other than men, what they want, and why they cheat.

Dating Advice On What Men Want & Why They Cheat

Men want women who are confident, intelligent, energetic, honest, and supportive. Men respond to women who bring confidence to the table, but that is not to be mistaken with being a bitch. “Confidence is knowing who you are, it’s knowing where you’re going, and it’s knowing who’s going with you,” Orlando said. He also wants someone he can talk with, not talk at. Sometimes a woman’s intelligence can be troublesome to men if it’s greater than his own. When women are smarter men have to be comfortable with that. Some men don’t know their place as anything other than being a protector/provider, so it forces them to find their new masculine. But Orlando did note, a man doesn’t open a door for a woman because he thinks she’s incapable, he opens the door because he values you. Men also want someone who is energetic and spontaneous, so Orlando’s dating advice is to bring excitement to the relationship. He wants these things to remain throughout the relationship. Spontaneity is often the first to go, Orlando said, but men want to keep it. 

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Men cheat for a variety of reasons, but Orlando said, “before physical act of betrayal, the relationship has already broken down.” There is something missing in the relationship even before the inception of an affair. But what is it exactly that compels men to cheat? One, the opportunity to have sex without getting caught, which also caters to physical/sexual gratification that is emotionally detached. Two, he wants to have sexual variety. He’s curious about being with someone he found physically attractive. Three, for the thrill of the chase. He misses that challenge and wants to know he’s still got it. And finally, the desire to feel important or feel special. He wanted a ego boost because he wasn’t getting it at home. “For any wife who won’t there’s a neighbor who will,” Orlando said.

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