Cupid's Pulse Article: Jared SaisHave you ever wondered if someone was flirting with you? Or maybe you’ve struggled with how much PDA to show when you’re in a new partnership. Well, look no further than our resident non-verbal communication expert Jared Sais. He is a recognized NYC dating expert who can tell you what your body language says about your relationships and love life. On our site, Sais gives expert dating advice based on the latest celebrity news and gossip hitting the newsstands. What famous couple act like high school kids in love? And which one is stressed out on the red carpet? Non-verbal communication can tell us a lot about a celebrity couple and their romance! Sais even teaches classes on the secrets of reading people, continuing to help thousands of people find true love, get ahead at work, improve their poker-playing skills, and identify lies. Discover the dating and relationship advice that could lead you down the aisle one day! Click here to find out more.