Cupid's Pulse Article: Amy Osmond CookAmy Osmond Cook, Ph.D. is a relationship expert focusing on communication. She teaches communication, negotiation, and writing courses at Arizona State University and¬†is the author or coauthor of several books, such as¬†Hope After Divorce¬†(2011),¬†Full Bloom: Cultivating Success¬†(2011), and¬†Why They Believe¬†(2011). Amy’s research interests typically focus on understanding and improving romantic and familial relationships. ¬†In addition to her academic background, Amy also has extensive media experience. She began performing with the Osmond Family in early childhood and has continued to sing and play the violin throughout her adult life. In 1994, she became America’s Junior Miss and toured the country as a performer and motivational speaker. She has been featured in print publications such as¬†People Magazine¬†and¬†USA Today¬†and on television programs such as¬†Good Morning America.¬†Last year, she hosted the 2011 National Distinguished Young Women scholarship program, helping to give away more than $100 million in scholarship opportunities to deserving young women. ¬†Amy continues to refresh her relationships as a wife and mother of five beautiful children, who always give her plenty of material to discuss!


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