By Elizabeth Kim

You come home after a long hard day at work. When you turn on the light you notice a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs. It leads you to a candlelit dinner for two and champagne on ice. A pair of rugged hands gently reach around your neck and place a shimmering diamond necklace that catches the candlelight. As you turn around to look at your Prince Charming your alarm rings and you wake up wide-eyed in your own bedroom. Your phone says it’s Feb. 14 and you immediately consider calling in sick. But before you burrow yourself into bed so that you don’t have to deal with the inevitable love parade, Cupid has some advice on how to get through Valentine’s Day single, unscathed, and maybe even happy.

1. Take part: Remember in elementary school when everybody would pass around tiny boxes of conversation hearts and fold-up cardboard Valentine’s Day cards? How about we make the holiday the equal opportunity occasion of our youth instead of the exclusive couples-only day it has become? Distribute goodies to co-workers and friends and whether or not you buy bulk cards from your local drugstore or personalize each and every detail, not only will you be bringing a smile to someone else, it’ll serve as a good distraction from all the couples-themed activity surrounding you.  

2. Plan ahead: Instead of wallowing at home alone, plan ahead so that V-Day will be filled with activities for you to do. You might decide to take the subway to a part of the city you haven’t really been to before and explore. Or plan a day at the spa followed by lunch at your favorite Italian bistro. Whatever it is, don’t use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to be miserable. Another great tip? Exercise. You’ll look great, feel even better, and it’ll give you an excuse to fully ogle that six-foot two Hugh Jackman lookalike who you’ve secretly been Facebook stalking.

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3. Band together: Certainly you’re not the only single girl on Feb. 14. Have a date night with a friend or spend V-day with all your fellow single ladies. Have an old school slumber, blast some Destiny’s Child, and flip through magazines talking about all the haircuts you want but would never actually get. Misery loves company, so even if you decide that you all just want to mope, at least you won’t be moping alone. Sure you might shed some tears, but Cupid guarantees that you will end up sharing a lot of laughs.

4. Treat yourself: They say money can’t buy happiness, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Go on a mini-shopping spree and finally nab that Miu Miu black leather clutch you’ve been eyeing for a month. If you’re going to eat a tub of ice cream anyway, buy the six dollar pint of gelato that you’ve picked up then put down every time you’ve gone grocery shopping. Being single on Valentine’s Day is tough so there’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel a little special.

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5. Remind yourself: This one is the toughest but ultimately you just have to remind yourself that It is just another day. It is just another day. It is just another day. You shouldn’t equate going on a date or being in a relationship with self-worth. And here’s a bonus, Valentine’s Day chocolates are super cheap the day after so at least you’ll have that to look forward to.

Cupid wants to know: How do you get through Valentine’s Day when you’re single? Tell us in the comments below!