By Sarah Ribeiro

Embrace the winter weather this weekend with your honey while in the comfort and warmth of your home. Immerse yourselves in wintry-themed activities to get in the mood to cuddle and keep out of the cold.

Start off the night with a candlelit meal including all of your favorite winter foods: a roast chicken, snow peas, warm soup and hot cider or egg nog (spiked or not). You can even try your hand at making homemade hot cocoa with a romantic twist: use a fondue pot to melt your favorite chocolate bar and then pour into a mug of steamed milk or cream that the two of you can share. For an extra burst of flavor, add a peppermint stick or some cinnamon. Then, as you enjoy your drink, watch the falling snow outside and share your favorite childhood stories of snowball fights and ice skating.

After dinner, make some old fashioned popcorn and snuggle under a blanket on the couch for some great winter movies. Some favorites are ‘Love Actually,’ ‘Serendipity,’ ‘Moulin Rouge,’ and the classic ‘Love Story.’ If neither of you is a fan of “chick flicks,” check out some winter comedies, like ‘Blades of Glory,’ ‘Better Off Dead,’ or the more recent ‘Hot Tub Time Machine.’

If you’re feeling crafty, embrace your inner child and create some homemade decorations or gifts. Make paper snowflakes and cotton snowmen or paint your own snowscapes while listening to quiet music like Yanni or Enya. If you’re especially creative, knit together. Find a template for a scarf or gloves and knit each other a gift, grabbing yarn in your partner’s favorite color or material to make it extra special for him. For an even more personalized touch, use his college colors or knit his name into the pattern. Check out some great patterns for beginners and experts alike at

For more of an active night, break out the board games. Think of your favorite “snow day” activities — card games, charades, Monopoly — and get competitive. If you want something more cooperative to do with your sweetheart, try putting together a puzzle or finishing that impossible crossword from Sunday’s paper. You could even turn on the Wii and play a skiing or snowboarding game.

To finish the night, get intimate and light a fire. Toast some marshmallows, drink your leftover New Year’s champagne and plan your next winter date.

What’s your idea of a great winter date? Tell us in the comments below.