We’ve all had one of those days where we just want to stay home and do absolutely nothing.  Of course you’ve been looking forward to going on that special date with your significant other, but after a stressful week, you’d rather stay indoors and just relax.  Well, why not do both?

Invite your significant other over your house and spend time together there.  Pull out some board games or play video games.  For a more unique experience, create your own rules.  Come up with penalties for the loser and prizes for the winner.  Make it fun!

If you run out of games to play, take out a puzzle you’ve never been able to complete.  Sit down with some coffee and sweets as both of you attempt to put the pieces together.

If you’re looking to do something more relaxing, settle down in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn with your partner.  Watch a comedy or romantic film you both will enjoy.

End the day by stargazing while sitting on your balcony.  Don’t have one?  No problem.  Watch the stars from your porch or drive to a nearby hill.  Spread a blanket around you and your partner and converse there, under all the stars.

Have a favorite indoors date of your own? Comment below and share with our readers. Have any themed date ideas you’d like featured? Drop us a line here.  Until then, enjoy your next weekend date!