Are you searching for new, exciting date ideas this weekend because you’re sick of going to the same place and doing the same things? The weather is warming up and the best dates this time of the year are spent outdoors.

Take your partner on a date to a nature reserve. You’ll be surprised at what you see.  If you and your companion enjoy biking, research which nature reserves allow it.

If you would rather go somewhere close to home, check out your local zoo if you haven’t yet. There are always some great attractions there. For those who absolutely adore animals, petting zoos are also an exciting place to visit.

If you’re feeling adventurous, plan a camping trip with your sweetheart. This is the best way to see nature: a variety of insects, green grass and trees, the noise from lakes and ponds nearby and the stars scattered across the night sky.  Go rafting in the morning, spend the afternoon hiking a mountain to watch the sunset and in the evening, lie under the stars.

Do you have any nature date ideas?  Then share with our readers by commenting below. Until next week, have a great weekend!