Cupid's Pulse Article: Follow This Dating Advice To Be a Hometown TouristCupid's Pulse Article: Follow This Dating Advice To Be a Hometown Tourist

By Emma L. Wells

Who says you have to get out of town to be a tourist? This weekend date idea is perfect for couples who can’t take a vacation but want to spend some quality time improving their relationship and love.

Let Your City Surprise You on This Weekend Date Idea

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There are many ways to make this date idea a success. First, experience the sights, tastes, and sounds that your city is known for. Make a list of the biggest tourist attractions in your hometown and complete as many on the list as you and your beau can do in one day. If you live in a big city, pick a new neighborhood to explore. Does this area have a walking tour, a museum, or any historical or famous spots to visit? Afterwards, head to a popular spot for lunch. If you’re lucky, maybe a local band will be playing. You’ll be surprised by how much goes on right under your nose!

If you want to venture beyond just one neighborhood, make this weekend date idea a themed day. Decide to walk around to all the best museums, historical sights, or speciality eats in your city. At the end of day, rank them from your favorite to least favorite. That way, you can revisit your top picks!

You can also consider doing activities you may have done before but not in a long time, like going to the zoo or aquarium. It will be special to experience them again with your significant other. Plus, this dating advice will allow you to see old things in a new light.

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Don’t forget your tennis shoes! This date idea requires a lot of walking, so make sure you wear comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. You can still be stylish and sexy. For instance, wear skinny jeans, a black silky top, and red sneakers. After all, you don’t want aching feet to interrupt the fun!

Follow this love advice and add some sweet shots and selfies to your photo album. Take a snap together at every stop you make. Consider filming parts of the day and make a montage of your date. You’ll create memories that you and your partner can cherish for years to come.

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? Tell us below!