It’s that time of year again, even for Cupid.   It’s time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to New Year’s resolutions. But this weekend, and this year, make your resolution to change the way you see dating.  Here are some new year’s goals every dater should attempt to achieve:

1. Resolve to split the check: Sure, it’s not exactly old fashioned, but in these hard economic times, it’s perfectly OK to both pitch in.   Being a couple is about being together, so indulge in a nice romantic night out, but use both of your checkbooks.

2. Ban the dinner date: Get lunch or breakfast instead, but for goodness sake, do something different than meeting someone for after-work dinner and drinks.   Everyone is busy, but it’s the year to break the monotony.

3. Try online dating: It’s been looked down upon by some and misunderstood by others, but online dating can be a fast and easy way to meet and greet some very high potential love interests.

Have a dating resolution of your own?   Comment below and share with our readers.  Have any themed date ideas you’d like featured next year?   Drop us a line here.  Until then, have a happy New Year!