Tired of getting stuck inside due to the snowfall?  After watching every movie during the 25 Days of Christmas twice over, what are you and your partner to do?  Tell your friends to put on their snowshoes and make their way over to your place for a holiday bash!

When it comes to the guest list, don’t be afraid to get creative!  In a relationship?  Send a holiday spirited invitation to your boyfriend’s friends as well as your own.  Introducing your friends will bring you two closer, and you might make a few love connections.  Single this holiday season?  Have your girlfriends bring a great guy they would feel comfortable setting a friend up with — start the holidays with a fresh start.

Stuck on ideas for the theme of your holiday party?  You can always go safe, inviting your guests to dress to the nines, or host a tree trimming party, telling friends and family to don the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find.  Celebrate Hanukkah with a Candle Lighting Party; alternate each night where the festivities are held for 8 days!

Now to the good stuff — the food of course!  Pot Luck is always a great idea for a gathering of close friends and family.  You’re then serving a wide variety of dishes, and you might even snag a secret recipe!  Another option is to spend the day cooking up a storm while listening to some holiday tunes with your sweetheart.

Have any other fun holiday themes in mind?  Comment below and share with our other readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here.  Until next week, have a safe and happy holiday!