By Andrea Surujnauth

Rock of Ages actress Malin Akerman and her husband, Roberto Zincone, welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday, April 16th, confirmed People. “My husband and I welcomed our beautiful, healthy baby boy to this world this morning! Biggest joy of my life!!! #lovemykid” the actress announced via Twitter. “PS and his name is … Sebastian Zincone. Love him more than life itself!! #whatafeeling !!!” The couple who have been married since 2007, announced their pregnancy in Spetember. Akerman mentioned to E! News that it was about time her and Zincone started a family. “My husband and I have been talking about it for the past 10 years that we’ve been together, so it’s about time,” she said.

What are some ways that having a child can bring you closer as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Speaking to new parents about their marriage may surprise you. Most of them will say that having a child actually strengthened their marriage. Here are a few ways that having a child can bring you closer as a couple:

1. Shared love: You and your significant other will love your child and work together in order to create the best life possible for your little one. Because of this, your love for one another will grow and become stronger because you are both sharing love for your baby.

2. Working together: By working together as a couple to make a good life for your bundle of joy, you and your partner will get along and have a strong bond with each other while trying to take care of your child. You depend on one another for help and your teamwork will automatically build a better relationship between you two.

3. Family: Now you and your partner are more than just a couple, you are a family. Graduating from couple hood to family will bring you closer to one another. In the past you and your beau were held together by love and maybe wedding vows, now you are held together by your child and the fact of being transformed into a family.

What are some ways that having a child brought you closer as a couple? Comment below and let us know!