By Meghan Fitzgerald

People reports that Bachelor star Sean Lowe and fiance Catherine Guidici are still going strong despite rumors of a troubled relationship. Lowe, 29, told People, “We are happy and could not be better.” Backstage at Dancing with Stars, Lowe also discusses  the rumors he has recently encountered. He said, “Nobody knows anything outside of me and Catherine and the people who are closest to us.” The couple is getting through these hard times together.

How do you keep unfounded rumors from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

It is essential to keep unfounded rumors out of your relationship. If you allow said rumors to pry themselves into your relationship, it is a possibility of suffering immensely. Although it is possible for rumors to affect your relationship, their are numerous ways to keep them out. Cupid has some more advice:

1. Communication: It is necessary to talk to your partner when there are unfounded rumors surfacing around your relationship. You and your mate both are probably not looking to have your relationship affected by some measly rumors. If you talk to your beau about these rumors going around, your relationship will not suffer. As long as you and your mate are on the same terms and aware of everything going on, you’re great.

2. Eliminate: Get rid of the rumors. Of course it may be challenging to find the source, cause, and distinguish them. However, it is helpful to have them washed away if you don’t want your relationship to be affected. Do not get yourself into heated debates about said rumors. Make sure you and your mate keep calm and collective, with your head high. Do not let others get under your skin because that is exactly what they’re trying to do in the first place.

3. Keep busy: Keep yourself busy when rumors are around your relationship. Make sure people know that the rumors going around are not affecting your life. People will realize how strong you and your partner are for not allowing the rumors to hurt your relationship. Silly gossip can’t get in the way of the love you and your mate have. Now go keep busy.

Have you kept rumors from affecting your relationship? Explain your experience below.