By Jessica Conigliaro

Keep yourself from getting the end-of-the-summer blues by adding a little love to your life. Bring your partner to a local fair and spend the day walking around together and checking out the nifty booths. Or try some new drinks together at a wine-tasting festival. After all, nothing says romance better than a glass of wine on a cool summer evening.

Looking to end the warm season with a little more excitement? Go to an amusement park with your date and hop on a thrilling roller coaster ride. Get ready to scream together! Or find a water park in your area and take a ride down the lazy river–a great way to spend some peaceful alone time with your man. After venturing down a water slide, snuggle up for warmth with your love and utilize each other’s body heat.

If you want a more low-key activity, let your boyfriend win you a prize at a local carnival. You’ll certainly feel special while carrying a gigantic teddy bear around for the rest of the day. As you walk past the rides and games, hold hands and enjoy the cool breeze with one another. Challenge your partner to your favorite carnival game; a little competition is good for your relationship, right? Let loose a little: share a plate of fried dough and get messy together. Be sure to take a picture with your faces covered in powdered sugar–a fun moment to remember.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or a wild adventure, one of these ideas will make for a perfect date as the days become shorter and the weather becomes cooler. Find activities you enjoy doing as a couple and plan a day filled with fun and flirting.

What do you do with your love for a fun day together at the end of summer? Share your experiences below.