Even though summer vacation has come and gone, there’s no reason for a fall rut full of weekends spent at home.  One great way to get to know that new special someone or escape with an old love is to hit the open road.  Leave the fast-paced life of weekday work and head out on a driving trip this weekend.

There are plenty of scenic routes to be taken anywhere in the US, even if you only want a short drive.  Rent a convertible and drive with the top down through a beautiful area right around home, or book a room at a Bed & Breakfast if you want to take the longer road.

If you’re more into an adventure, hit the highway and try to visit as many “World’s Largest” destinations in surrounding states as possible.  Nothing says romance like a cute picture in front of the world’s largest Corn Palace!  The fact is, driving trips, near or far, are easy bonding experiences that often lead to some great stories down the line.

In the San Francisco area?  Check out the movies in Redwood Road through the East Bay Hills for some breathtaking views.

Have a secret weekend hideaway?  Comment below and share with your fellow readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here.  Until next week, happy trails!