The summer is winding down, and you all know what the means: it’s almost football season! This sport is a national pastime enjoyed by both sexes; why not take part in some of the action yourself? Playing football, or even just watching a game, is a great way to get a group of your friends together and have some fun – and maybe score a touchdown of your own.

NFL Preseason began yesterday: check out the schedule to see when you can catch your favorite team on TV.  Check your local paper for bars and pubs offering game night activities, like Buffalo Wild Wings does.  You can expect raffles, contests, and lots of noise cheering favorite teams to victory.

If you prefer to get active, get a team together to play in a nearby park on weekend afternoons.  Post a sign-up sheet around your area to get more people involved.  You might even meet a future lover in the process.  (Hint: Divvy up the teams so your can get close to that new cutie – or put him or her on the opposite team as an excuse to tackle!)

In Los Angeles?  Check out a list of great places to watch the games on Yelp.

Have a football tradition of your own?  Comment below and share with our other readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here. Have a great weekend!