By Ryan Boyle

Spread on your red lipstick, and squeeze into that sleek black dress. The lights are dim, the music is loud, and you and your man are out together for a fun-filled date of dancing at a live music venue.  You may be more of a top 40 fan, while your lover has a soft spot for Southern Rock, but never fear because pubs, bars, and lounges tend to hire cover bands, who can perform music from both artists like Katy Perry, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, crossing genres to keep you and your honey happy.

You may not know it, but many places offer live music on the weekends, and some even have it on the weekdays too. A good way to find out where to go, is to check the listings in your local newspaper, or by looking up the establishment’s website.

After you’ve finished putting on your makeup, and strapping on those new shoes, you and your love should arrive at the venue and take the time to find a good spot in the crowd to hang together for the night. Preferably somewhere you can have a good view of the band, and easy access to the bar if you’d like to grab a few drinks.

Once the music starts, the singing and grooving begins. If you can’t dance, it’s okay. Start by improvising and moving with the music. More importantly, use this time to feel out your man in this type of social situation. See what type of music really excites him, and what tunes he’d rather press the skip button on. If you catch him checking out other girls, it might be time to kick him to the curb.

But, chances are that his attention will be on you, and only you during this date. So, throw all cheesiness aside, and find a tune to deem “your song.”  Whenever you hear it you’ll be reminded of the fun times you both had together.

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