August is one of the hottest months in the US. Don’t let the heat keep you in a sluggish mood: get up and go out! One of the best ways to stay fit is with your partner sweating next to you. In addition to being important to your health, staying in shape is a great way to bond with your loved one.

One easy way to work out together is to join a gym.  Some places may offer discounted rates if you sign up together.  Pick cardio machines next to each other.  When you move on to strength training, take turns doing reps.  Having someone there to spot you and watch your form can help you exercise more safely than doing it alone.

Another way to get active is to take a class, either at the gym, or at a local hot spot.  While activities like salsa classes are perfect for couples, try something you’ll both be interested in, like martial arts, indoor-rock climbing, adult swimming, or other sports.

Want a free way to stay fit?  Welcome the morning with a walk around the neighborhood, or go for jog.  Bring your dog for extra fun!

Exercising together is a great way to spend quality time.  Catch up with your partner, especially if the two of you spend a lot of time apart during the week because of work, school, and other responsibilities.  Who’s a better supporter than your partner or spouse?

To get the ball rolling, visit LifeMojo for inspiration, motivational tips, and learn about the benefits of working out together.

Have a fitness routine of your own?  Comment below, and share with our other readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here. Stay cool, and enjoy your weekend!