With summer coming to an end, there’s nothing like a three-day break to get your spirits of adventure and romance working.  This Labor Day weekend, take a load off, and let Cupid help you find your new fall romance.

Even if you’re not in our nation’s capital, Labor Day is typically a weekend of barbecues, festivals, and fun times with friends.  Plan a BBQ and organize a three-legged race so you can team up with a cutie, or break out the sprinkler and get everyone to show a little skin.  Make it a pot lock and share your favorite sweet BBQ sauce recipe.

Another fun option is going camping.  By September, the weather should be cool enough that you won’t sweat up a storm, and there are plenty of local camp grounds where you can snuggle in a sleeping bag under the stars with that special someone.

In the Los Angeles area for the weekend?  Check out all the festivities the city has to offer at About.com’s travel guide.

Have a favorite Labor Day tradition of your own?  Comment below and share with our other readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here.  Have a great holiday weekend!