By Ché Blackwood

Warm weather is on its way, bringing with it romantic outdoor dates, mini-skirts and toe-baring sandals.  But first, you and your honey need to leave all of your winter stress behind.  What better way than to treat yourself and the one you love to a spa day at home.  Keep the day intimate by pampering one another.

Start off by giving each other manicures.  There’s nothing wrong with a man keeping his nail beds healthy, and a bonus palm massage will keep the afternoon flirty.  Let him pick out a color and attempt to paint your nails.  Remember to keep some nail polish remover handy just in case he has trouble staying within the lines.  If you’re feeling daring, give each other pedicures to keep your feet sandal-ready as well.

Spend the next hour creating makeshift facials.  Whether you want to stay conservative by purchasing a mud mask from a drug store, or you’d rather splurge by heading to a salon, be sure to experience the pore-cleansing goodness together.  If you do stay at home, apply a mask to your partner’s face, taking the time to massage his temples, cheeks and jaw.  This simple act will leave him relaxed and feeling like you’re a professional.

A healthy diet is just as important as soft skin, so be sure to cook a low-calorie meal for two with your honey afterward, or mix together a batch of organic smoothies.  Once you’re done, take a few moments to meditate together.  Sit in silence and enjoy the tranquility of a quiet afternoon with the one you love.

How do you like to pamper your honey? Let us know in the comments below!