By Ché Blackwood

With Easter on its way, it’s easy to lose track of your relationship while getting caught up in family or social obligations. To properly balance a busy holiday schedule and a thriving love life, you are going to need to be creative. Stay cute with your beau by being crafty on Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Whether you celebrate Easter for religious reasons or not, there’s plenty of fun to come from joining in on the festivities. Visit a local grocery store and buy an egg-dying kit. With a variety of colors to choose from, you and your honey will be able to express your more artistic sides, while stickers can help the artistically challenged keep their eggs looking beautiful.  Surprise your partner with a secret love note by purchasing a few white wax crayons. They are easily accessible and allow you to write invisible messages on shells, which won’t show until after they’ve been dyed.

Feel like a kid again by arranging an old fashioned Easter egg hunt for your sweetie. To add a new twist to this old game, write up a series of romantic hints for each other. Direct him to look through your lingerie drawer, for instance.

Afterward, arrange an Easter basket for your date. Fill it with candies and special trinkets that he’ll love, like a favorite DVD or tickets to a concert. Ending one date by planning another is a great way to ensure you’ll keep making memories together.

What type of fun do you plan around Easter? Let us know in the comments below!