By Amanda Martin

Take advantage of the warm weather by spending time with your partner on the open seas this weekend.  Whether you’re looking for excitement or just relaxation, enjoying the water together gives you something to look forward to as the work week winds down.

Research your local area to find romantic dinner cruises nearby and see what packages are offered for couples.  Once you’ve embarked, the waves will whisk you away on a romantic evening.  Look for specialty boat tours such as a city lights, a fireworks show or a party cruise with a DJ and a full bar that both you and your honey can enjoy.

For more adventurous couples, navigate your own excursion.  Visit a nearby lake and rent a canoe or kayak.  Pack a picnic lunch with easy to eat foods, such as small turkey sandwiches and grapes, to enjoy when you’re not rowing.

If you want to explore deeper waters, try scuba diving.  The less experienced diver can start with a lesson and then plunge into the real thing.  If you don’t think you’re ready to fully submerge yourself in the deep seas, snorkeling is a good alternative, and it’s less expensive.  Either way, you’ll be exploring new territory with your significant other.

What’s your favorite way to explore the open seas with your partner?  Let us know in the comments below.