Need a fun date idea for this weekend?  Cupid’s got you covered!  With the summer winding into its hottest days of the season, evening dates are looking more and more tempting.  So go out into the cool and sultry night, and check out what’s sizzling in your area!

Many popular museums have special events going on in the evenings.  The American Museum of Natural History in New York City hosts Evening Bat Walks on select Friday and Saturday nights.  Also check out aquariums and marine centers.  Visit List of Public Aquariums from to find one near you.

Another great nighttime idea is stargazing.  Live in the city?  Not a problem.  All those bright lights may make it difficult, but it’s not impossible.  The Amateur Astronomer’s Association of New York leads stargazing ventures every week.  Search ‘amateur astronomers association’ on Google to find one in your city and take a tour.

If you live around Los Angeles and are into the pop culture scene, then now is the perfect time to head to one of the city’s famous venues!  Live Nation holds tons of concerts in LA and the surrounding area, featuring artists like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Keith Urban, and more.  Don’t live in Los Angeles?  You can find a live concert or play near you with a little research at

Have a romantic night spot you want to recommend?  Comment below and share it with our other readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here.  Have a great weekend!