While the mall may not be the first place you’d go to find a potential mate, your favorite store can be a good place to meet new people.  With summer sales going on across the country, and Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale starting this weekend, there’s no better time to head to the mall.

For 20-somethings, check out stores like Buckle and Hollister, which have sales associates of both sexes.  The cutie helping you find your size could be your next best-dressed date.  Here’s an easy way to start talking: say you’re shopping for a family member of the opposite sex.  It’s an opportunity to give them compliments, as well as check out their style.

To find someone who shares your interests, specialty stores are the place to go.  Into hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities?  Check out places like Bass Pro Shop.  If music is your thing, go to the nearest Best Buy or a local used CD store.  Whether it’s the person behind the counter, or someone shopping the rack next to you, there’s an easy opening for starting a conversation that could continue over coffee… or maybe even dinner.

Other great places to look are hole-in-the-wall boutiques.  The atmosphere is personal, and you can be certain the people who shop there are from your area.

Want to hit up the Anniversary Sale to do some shopping for love?  Visit Nordstrom’s website to find the store nearest you.

Have a romantic shopping story of your own?  Comment below, and share with our readers.  And if you want other themed date ideas, let Cupid know!  Drop us a line here.  Have a great weekend!