If you’re looking for a perfect way to settle down and relax this weekend, grab your honey and head to a bookstore. It’s a fun way to educate yourself about new titles on the shelf. Find books that you and your honey both will enjoy reading. Or, for fun, select one from a completely new genre, and take turns reading it to one another.

If you loved a movie that was an adaption of a novel, consider reading it and then debating with your partner about which was better — the novel or film. Afterward, you can make some popcorn, cuddle with your sweetheart on the sofa and watch the film again, noting which information from the book was left out or changed.

If you and your mate enjoy similar authors, try to attend an author meet and greet.  Are you in New York City?  If so, check out the Barnes and Noble locations. They frequently host author events.

If you’re into online reading, cuddle in bed with your honey and go through the new book releases on your Kindle, Nook or iPad.  Once you’ve found something, take turns reading to each other until one of you falls asleep.

What’s your favorite part about browsing for books with your lover?  Let us know by commenting below.