Coffee is usually used to make one feel energized, and for some it’s an addiction.  And the place that people go to get their “fix” can turn into a dating ritual for some couples.  It isn’t a necessity for every date to be fancy.  Sometimes, the simplest choice can actually be the best.

Enjoy a night of comfort drinks, like a Mocha or Frappuccino, soothing music and an intimate table (or couch) for two with your hubby by checking out some of the best coffee houses in your city.

Rather have that coffee in private?  Then recreate the scene right in your own home by purchasing your favorite coffee beans or coffee of your choice and making a “favorites” playlist that best suits you and your partner’s mood.

While creating your playlist, search for easy how-to recipes that would perfectly compliment your coffee.  Dim the lights, wear something as snug as your oversized pajamas and set up a table for two.  Spray the air with a sweet and soothing scent and indulge yourselves in the moment.  Who knows what this romantic and homey setting could lead to?

Spread love in between each sip while swaying to the beat of the music, and maybe even the beat of his heart.

Have your own ideas about coffee shops and dates?  Share them with Cupid!  And if you want other themed date ideas, drop Cupid a comment below!