Searching for date ideas?  Cupid’s got you covered!  Revisit your childhood with your significant other this weekend.

As a child, you most likely enjoyed going to the arcade with a group of friends.  The only difference now is that you’ll spend time with your partner there.  Plan a date to an arcade and see how many games you can beat your sweetheart in.

Planning on spending your next date by inviting your mate over your house?  Then why not play hide & seek? Get creative by hiding in areas you never would have thought of as a kid.  Who knows?  It might end up being romantic when your partner finds you.

Remember capture the flag?  Go on a double date with a few friends to the park this weekend to play a game.  You’ll have an exciting time and will remember how it feels to be a child all over again.

Do you have any great childhood game ideas?  Then share with our readers by commenting below.  And if you want other themed date ideas, contact Cupid here.  Until next week, have a great weekend!