By Mallory McDonald

Eonline! learned that Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams (Avery) is heading toward a celebrity divorce. The pair had their celebrity wedding in September of 2012. In 2010, before the pair was married, Williams shared this about Aryn, “I was a teacher when I met her, so she’s been with me through all different facets of my career. She’s stuck with me through thick and thick and thick and thin. We know each other in and out, and she was very happy to move out here,” Jesse added, referencing their relocation to Los Angeles. “She loves California and was tired of the weather on the East Coast.” The pair has two celebrity kids together and will have to work together to help raise the kids. We can’t believe these two couldn’t make it work!

There are a lot of women who aren’t necessarily sad about this celebrity divorce. What are some ways to keep jealousy from destroying your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Jealousy can be extremely detrimental to a relationship. With these tips you can make sure you or your partner’s jealousy  doesn’t get in the way of the relationship:

1. Reassure: Jealousy often stems from feeling insecure and just not getting enough confirmation for your feelings. Once a day telling your partner how much you mean to them can really help relieve some of the jealousy.

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2. Be understanding: While you don’t want to completely change your life to help your partner handle jealousy, some of the little things that bother them and cause them to be jealous try to make adjustments.

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3. Communicate: It is said over and over that the key to a successful relationship is communication. The same can be said for overcoming jealousy. The more you and your partner communicate about your feelings the easier it will be to work through problems such as jealousy.

Has jealous ever come in between your relationship? Comment below!