Are you and your significant other sports junkies?  Do you watch your favorite sports together all the time?  Well, instead of watching or playing the usual, why not learn about a new sport this weekend?

When choosing which sport(s) to watch, make a list of all the ones you and your partner are interested in learning more about.  Narrow down your choices from there.  Here are three unique sports that are fun to watch and play:

Team Handball is a combination of basketball and soccer. The game involves two teams of six players and one goalie. Each team passes a ball and tries to throw it into their opponent’s goal.  The team with the most goals after two 30-minute halves wins the game.

In Polo, players on horseback move a ball into their opponent’s goal by using a long wooden mallet. Each team has four players who have specific responsibilities throughout the game. The main purpose of the game is to score the most goals by hitting the ball through the goal.

Cricket is similar to baseball, and it’s played with two teams of 11 on an oval-shaped outdoor area.

Have a favorite sports date of your own?  Comment below and share with our readers. Until then, enjoy your next weekend date!