Updated by Stephanie Sacco

Fall is here, and what better way to get ready for the cool weather than by bundling up with your partner? Whether you are staying in or going out, it’s the perfect time to plan some new and exciting weekend date ideas. Prepare yourself for sweater weather this weekend, and grab your favorite scarf.

Here are some date ideas for fun in the fall.

Getting ready for the fall-idays? Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. To get yourselves in the mood, decorate your house, or whip up some fall-flavored creations. Bake a pumpkin pie for your sweetheart, or embrace the season by making it together. Try to make cookies using different shaped cookie cutters. When you’re done, finish the evening with a movie by the fire to warm up.

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If it’s too early for you to start thinking about the holidays, just enjoy the change of season by going on a walk. Crunch through the fall leaves as you watch them fall off the trees around you. The colors will provide a romantic backdrop for you and your partner. Stroll through the park, or find a trail near your house. Set up a picnic before the cold weather sets in, or bring some hot chocolate to share in a thermos. Keep each other warm this holiday season.

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If you can’t let go of the warm weather, find a place indoors. Check out an indoor pool or a hotel that can provide you with a jacuzzi. Find a spa with a sauna or get a hot massage. Better yet, plan a trip somewhere warm. You and your partner will love finding a romantic getaway just the two of you to get rid of the fall blues.

Do you and your special someone have any fall traditions that you love? Comment below!